15 Essential Italian Neorealism Films You Need To Watch

“Everyone could play one role perfectly: himself.” – Vittorio De Sica

In Italy, fascism and cinema had always been in a strange relationship. After millions of deaths, years of war and violence; fascism left only two positive things behind: Venice Film Festival and Cinecitta. Fascism, as a consequence of WWII, left thousands of people homeless in Italy; and of course, filmmakers studioless. Great Italian Studio Cinecitta, established by Benito Mussolini in 1937, was damaged significantly during the battles and bombings. This led the filmmakers to go into streets, to experience live action.

Although coined by British painters, Neorealism concept was made famous by Italian filmmakers and screenwriters who brought a complete new aspect of filmmaking to not only Italian cinema but also whole history of cinema. Italian Neorealism, or Neorealismo in Italian language, was made real by a bright young generation of artists who were not able to realize their dreams under the reign of Mussolini and during the war.


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