20 Masterpieces of Luis Buñuel Every Film Fan Should See

Born in Spain and exiled for a majority of his career, Luis Buñuel created a filmography of works that ranged from surreal Parisian shorts to psychosexual Mexican features (and everything in between). His films commonly attacked institutions (religion, society, bourgeois culture) and reconstructed narrative language (often at the expense of spatial/temporal continuity). Buñuel’s direction and style elude finite readings, leading to a cult of devoted followers who try to figure out the meaning of the buzzing box in Belle de Jour.

Buñuel demolishes film language in order to craft characters – ones that are neither completely good nor completely bad – who live in a corrupt world full of hypocrisy. From his first image of a sliced eye to his final image of an exploding film frame, Buñuel left behind a filmography that openly attacks our perceptions and creates pleasure out of displeasure. The twenty films listed here represent the range of Buñuel’s talents.


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.47.19 PM.png

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