10 Overlooked Films By Alfred Hitchcock You Might Have Missed

Alfred Hitchcock made 53 films, some of them among the most acclaimed films in the history of cinema. But Hitchcock had occasional misfires, films that either did not connect with audiences or for some other reason have been little seen since their initial release. Although not all of Hitchcock’s films are equal, virtually every film that the director made have elements in them that are of value which, thus, make them worth seeing.

Here are 10 lesser known films directed by Alfred Hitchcock that you may never have seen, but should take the opportunity to see if you get the chance. 6 of the 10 films are from Hitchcock’s early British period, while 4 are from his better known American period (none released after 1953, however, when Hitchcock’s ‘mature’ American period began). For the purposes of this list, I have ordered the films chronologically.


Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.56.20 PM.png

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