The 12 Most Visually Stunning Black and White Films of The 21st Century

The amount of feature films shot in black and white has overwhelmingly declined since the 1960s, being replaced by a quick growing ratio of those shot in color. From that moment on, monochromatic photography or any kind of technique that goes against digital development has been used for effect, or sometimes cost. Either it being originally shot in color and manipulated back to B&W, either being shot on conventional emulsion film, it has become a niche enterprise over the last decades.

Black and white filmmaking became especially sparse since the 1980s and, although quite a few superb films were made in monochrome in the 20 years that preceded the 21st century, there are entirely new approaches to this type of filmmaking that are worth analysing, having in mind the most recent advances in technology, storytelling and the minds of some of the best modern filmmakers.


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 6.35.20 PM.png

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