RED Goes Vista Vision: PL Mount Revealed for New Full-Frame 35mm Camera Sensor

It may seem like we've been talking a lot about RED's new WEAPON camera, but really it's been a few major clues, plus a lot of little leaks along the way. We're pretty sure ProRes is coming to WEAPON, along with plenty of other goodies. We've also just now learned that RED could potentially release a full-frame 35mm sensor with the new WEAPON camera — but it's unknown yet if it will happen by NAB, or if it's planned for later in the life of WEAPON.

The photo of Brad Pitt above with the PL mount was posted to Facebook by Jarred Land, and he indicated that this was for a Vista Vision sensor (Vista Vision and full-frame 35mm are essentially the same). While that doesn't necessarily mean WEAPON will get a full-frame 35mm sensor, it does mean that one is coming sooner or later, and they are planning ahead with a PL mount that has the empty space behind the mount for a larger sensor. We also saw Jarred blow up a PL mount, which could be the same on in the photo above:


Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.14.51 PM.png

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